The Value of Travel–and Down Time

by | Aug 23, 2017

If you’ve read my blog for long, you won’t be surprised to hear that travel is very important to me. I find that time spent in other environments, cultures and fresh activities expands my thinking, allows me to reconnect to my values, and put into expanded practice the healthy habits I encourage my readers and clients to use. Travelling and really connecting with the environment is an enlightening experience, and there are so many beautiful sightseeing spots around the globe to see. Something I advise is renting a car when abroad and giving yourself the freedom to travel to specific spots in your own time. A friend recently utilised an iceland car rental and couldn’t recommend it more; this is definitely something that I’ll also be looking into.

I’ve had a full and rich season of speaking, consulting and business travel over the last few months. Most recently, I so enjoyed conducting the webinar on the role of motivation in management and using brain-friendly techniques to lead our teams well. The travel was the second thing I most enjoyed from this trip. It was decided, by someone other than me, that we look at using a private but global air charter service as to travel as and when we needed while also being able to really enjoy the travel time we had, considering the rest of the trip was for business.

I am now turning my attention to a two-week vacation, and some “down time,” in Scotland. I plan to fully embrace this opportunity. Because of my trip, there won’t be a blog post or newsletter for a couple of weeks, although I expect plenty of inspiration for future posts!

I encourage you to carve out time for a break for yourself soon, too. It will help you treat your brain well, and ready you for insightful decision-making without overthinking.

‘Til next time,


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  1. James Welch

    Have a good time and I hope to see you soon


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