Think Less Live More Book

Think Less, Live More. Lessons from a Recovering Over-Thinker

For a world of chronic over-thinkers, this book holds the key. In eight easy steps discover the essential role feelings play in creating a more fulfilling life and rewarding career. With wit, stories and a bit of science, the book shares tips from an executive, engineer and recovering over-thinker on how to live with meaning by thinking less. Built-in exercises allow you to put the tips to work immediately. Don’t over-think it — start reading now!

Available in paperback and Kindle formats.

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Go With Your Gut Book

3.5×5″ Paperback Book by Shelley Row

Go With Your Gut

This pocket-sized book is a workbook that accompanies the program by the same name. Plus, it is a convenient reminder of the key points from the program.


  • Stop over-thinking
  • Slow knee-jerk decisions
  • Enable aha-moments
  • Apply brain basics to enhance your leadership and decision-making skills

The Minibük makes a perfect giveaway at your event and saves reproduction costs of handouts.

3.5×5″ Paperback Book by Shelley Row

Leadership Pitfalls and Get Noticed Books


Leadership Pitfalls of Over-Thinking Minibük

This pocket-sized book is a convenient reminder of how to avoid the five pitfalls of over-thinking so that you can decide and move on.

  • Over-analyze decisions
  • Over-reliance on rules, processes and procedures
  • Overly-narrow focus
  • Overly-protective thinking
  • Overly-dependent on approval

Get Noticed & Get Promoted Minibük

This pocket-sized book is a convenient reminder of the five tips that help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Be the go-to person
  • Develop communication skills that reflect on you
  • Learn to show up and speak up
  • Use networking that counts
  • Effectively manage meetings