Decision Making Keynotes

These presentations help technical professionals understand the decision-making process and identify the factors that need to be considered. With these keynote presentations, attendees build their decision-making skills by integrating logic and intuition to tackle the most complex decision.

Go With Your Gut:
Effective Decision-Making in an Over-Thinking World

This in-depth, and thought-provoking program gives your managers the opportunity to probe the effectiveness of their decision-making whether too fast or too slow. Applying insights from neuroscience, this interactive and engaging program brings new skills to the most experienced manager.

Your leaders and managers leave with valuable insights to instantly improve decision-making and their relationships with co-workers. In this fast-paced and changing environment, decision-makers and staff must see beyond the data to understand how their brain and gut sway decisions whether they know it or not. It’s best to know.

If your organization wants to enhance decision making, reduce workplace drama and improve productivity, then this workshop with its optional mini-book workbook. The workshop format provides additional time for discussion and application to their specific workplace situations with customers and co-workers.

Complex Decision-Making:
Why More Data Isn’t the Answer

Complicated decisions are hard enough but with current circumstances, these decisions take on even more complexity. It’s easy to assume that we need more and more data. Grasping for data can lead to over-thinking and analysis paralysis. As complexity goes up, decision-making involves more than just the data.

Learn a 5-step process to home in on the real issues to deepen your understanding of the problem, reframe your decision and achieve your goals with less frustration.

Program Features

  • Pre-event calls with organizers to fully understand program goals.
  • Interviews with up to three participants to hear their perspectives.
  • 1–2-minute promotional video about your event.
  • Tailored program including interactive engagement.
  • Tailored worksheet to aid retention.
  • Free 35-page PDF of The Handbook for Technical Leaders: Ten Top
    Skills for Managers by Shelley Row, PE, CSP.
  • Follow-up emails about the key points to prompt application.

Purchase Books for Your Next Event

For a world of chronic over-thinkers, this book holds the key. In eight easy steps, discover the essential role feelings play in creating a more fulfilling life and rewarding career.

Just a Few of the Many Clients that Trust Shelley

What clients are saying…

Absolutely amazing! All leaders should know this information as part of training before stepping into a leadership role.

Tuere Faaola
WTS San Diego Chapter

Shelley’s training teaches you to recognize your own and others’ triggers before making decisions. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation!

Tami Price  
Arizona DOT

Everyone LOVED your presentation. You single-handedly made this training the best ever!

Margaret Mullins
Managing Director, WTS International

It’s decision time. Ready to take the first step?