Managing Stress: Six Tips to Recharge Your Energy

by | Apr 1, 2024

Stress Awareness Month

Managing stress during Stress Awareness month – that stresses me out. It seems like everyone talks about being constantly busy and tired. It’s a feeling of perpetual motion without much room to breathe. While the chaos can feel out of control, you are in control of more than you think. Our energy levels play a significant role in how we navigate the daily demands on our time and emotions. With a little self-awareness, you can use these simple tips to manage energy and stress. If I can do it, you can do it!

1. Identify Your Energy Drains and Fillers
Think of your energy as a tank that is filled and depleted throughout the day. Some activities fill you with energy, while others drain it away. Take a moment to reflect on what activities, people, or situations leave you feeling energized versus depleted. Do you feel refreshed by reading a book, attending a networking event, or going for a run? What activities drain your energy: Grocery shopping, attending a networking event, fixing a computer glitch? Once you are aware of activities that are energy drains and fillers, you can consciously manage the activities to balance your energy. When you feel drained, prioritize activities that refill your energy tank.

2. Understand Your Energy Profile
We all have times of the day when we feel most energized and productive. For some, it’s the morning hours, while others thrive late at night. Take note of when you feel most alert and focused. By understanding your energy profile, you can plan your day accordingly.

3. Sync Your Energy with Your Tasks
Once you identify your energy patterns, align your tasks accordingly. Reserve your high-energy periods for activities that require deep concentration, creative thinking, or having a difficult discussion. Save administrative tasks that require less mental effort for when your energy is naturally lower. And remember, it’s okay to take short breaks during the day to recharge. Use one of your energy fillers like a quick walk outside or a meditation moment to replenish your energy reserves. Sometimes, stepping away from work can lead to unexpected bursts of creativity and problem-solving.

4. Maintain Balance Over Time
While it’s essential to manage your daily energy levels, it’s equally important to consider the big picture. Take a step back and evaluate how you’re balancing your energy over the course of the week, month, and year. Are you making time for activities that bring you joy and replenish your energy reserves? Or are you mixing work into down time so that neither gets the attention needed. That’s a recipe for frustration that negates the value of rest and relaxation.

5. Practice Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques
Incorporating mindfulness and relaxation techniques into your daily routine can help reduce stress and restore your energy levels. Whether it’s through meditation, deep breathing exercises, or simply taking a few moments to pause and center yourself, creating moments of calm amidst the chaos can make a significant difference in how you manage stress.

6. Prioritize Sleep and Rest
One of the most crucial factors in reducing stress is ensuring you get adequate sleep. Aim for seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night and listen to your body’s signals when it tells you it needs a break. It’s hard to believe that a short nap (20-30 minutes) can restore your energy and attention. Powering through when you’re tired is unlikely to yield top quality work and can lead to edgy exchanges with others. You’re better off to take a break and return to work later. It’s more efficient in the long run.

Treat your energy like a resource to be managed. Use it judiciously for the right activities at the right time. Monitoring your energy is a special type of self-care. Turn Stress Awareness Month into energy management practice. Observe your energy tank and take steps to manage your energy wisely to tackle whatever life throws your way.


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