Three Tips to Increase Productivity

by | Oct 30, 2017

Rain. All day. Grey and dreary.

Yay! I love a rainy day. Why would anyone find a damp, overcast day appealing? Here’s what I observe:

On a rainy day, the to-do list is shorter because some things can’t be done or are less convenient in the rain. I focus my attention more on a rainy day.

A rainy day feels refreshing as if the world is clean and less cluttered.

A rainy day has a slower pace. I’m more likely to read a book, take a nap, and think new thoughts.

So how do I transfer these observations from a rainy day to a regular work day?

Focus. Shorten the to-do list and focus. Not everything has to be done today or done by me. Let’s all take a moment and remove a few things from the list. We are left with less to do and more room to get them done. Send the other tasks to someone else or delete them entirely. Admit it, we all have something on the list that’s been there for ages. It can’t be THAT important if it’s still waiting to be done.

Declutter. Every item-pen, note pad, stack of papers, random business cards, another stack of papers, a book, an iPad-adds clutter to your world and to your mind. So, if it’s time to clear your mind, you must first clear your home. Once you get started you might find that this is a bigger task than you first anticipated, in which case you may need to invest in Rubbish Removals south East Melbourne way. This area has a few companies but so do most localities, so a quick Google search should help you find one. Alternatively, if you’d rather tackle the rubbish removal yourself you could consider hiring a skip and if you don’t know much about skip hire, you can learn more here. However, decluttering can be a challenge, especially if there are certain objects you just don’t want to let go of. In this case, you’ll need more storage space to stop these items from cluttering the home, such as using these portable buildings. The brain uses small bits of energy to scan, process and label as irrelevant each item. That activity drains your brainpower that you could use for productive tasks. Take a moment and organize the desk and the workspace around you. Declutter and observe that your productivity increases. If you’re on a serious mission to declutter your home, check out these sheds for sale.

Slow down. Now that you are more focused and decluttered, you can slow the pace and do higher quality work – work that is thoughtful, considered and insightful. Most of us live in a frantic world. Those few who offer insight – insight that required astute observation – stand out. Who has time to think or think differently? You do. That’s who. But only with focus, less clutter and a slower pace. It’s during the slowness that the brain makes new, innovative connections. It’s where we find an aha-moment.

I confess that it’s hard for me to focus, declutter, and slow down. In the last few years, I trained myself to be at a frenetic pace. I’m not the only one. You know who you are! But we can retrain ourselves. I’ll give it a try if you will.

Imagine the rain. Focus on one or two things; remove everything else from sight, take a breath, settle your brain….and let your mind wander slowly. Allow the insight to come. It will be worth it.

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  1. James Welch

    I focused on the rain and got a flooded house as you and many more did.. I know that is not what you intended to convey, but many here had rather focus on dry weather and house repairs. Come see us.


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