Become Managers and Leaders

Technical professionals learn the skills they need to connect better with clients, grow their staff, and create an effective team.

Access Untapped Potential in Your Technical Managers

We hear you. Retention problems and labor shortages are creating challenges for your organization. Based on research, we know that the top two reasons employees leave are poor management and lack of career development.

It’s time for your organization to invest in a program that addresses both.


Become a Great Manager and Leader

Blue Fjord Leadership System

A system based on research that identifies the most needed skills for technical managers.

Our system is a management development program for first-line and mid-level managers and unpacks the essential skills every technical manager needs to succeed. The system also tackles tough management roles such as delegation, having difficult discussions and complex decision-making.

This training is divided into two tracks:

  • Advanced Management Skills
  • Foundational Skills
Blue Fjord Leadership System

Take the Leadership Challenge

60-Day Blue Fjord Leadership Challenge

In just 60 days, learn pragmatic management skills that can be put to work immediately.

Plus, the Challenge is on-demand to provide the flexibility needed to integrate learning with real-world work demands.

Topics include:

  • Self-awareness
  • Know your boss
  • Smarter decision making
  • Read the room and your staff
60 Day BFL Challenge

Communicate Technical Topics

Presentation Skills Training

This 4-part workshop helps technical professionals communicate complex ideas to non-technical audiences, both in-person and virtually.

During the workshop, participants learn to:

  • Deeply understand and connect with the audience.
  • Ask insightful questions to understand the “real” problem.
  • Use storytelling for lasting impressions
  • Use compelling visuals to increase memory and attention.
Presentation Skills Training

Purchase Books for Your Next Event

For a world of chronic over-thinkers, this book holds the key. In eight easy steps, discover the essential role feelings play in creating a more fulfilling life and rewarding career.

Just a Few of the Many Clients that Trust Shelley

What clients are saying…

Absolutely amazing! All leaders should know this information as part of training before stepping into a leadership role.

Tuere Faaola
WTS San Diego Chapter

Shelley’s training teaches you to recognize your own and others’ triggers before making decisions. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation!

Tami Price  
Arizona DOT

Everyone LOVED your presentation. You single-handedly made this training the best ever!

Margaret Mullins
Managing Director, WTS International

It’s decision time. Ready to take the first step?