The Insightful Leadership Institute Announces Company Name Change to Blue Fjord Leaders

Focusing on leadership training and development for technical and engineering professionals, ILI rebrands their company name and image.

ANNAPOLIS, MD JAN 4, 2020 – The Insightful Leadership Institute, an industry leader in the development of leadership training programs for technical and engineering professionals, has announced today that the company will begin operating under a new name and will be known as Blue Fjord Leaders. This rebranding strategy reflects the company’s mission and vision for the future, which is to develop highly skilled, intellectual, technical professionals into leaders who are also more self-aware and intuitive, and therefore more impactful in management and leadership positions. 

Along with this change, a newly redesigned company logo has been revealed, along with a new website which his now live and prominently features the company’s focus on expanding services such as online courses, live-streamed webinars and virtual coaching and consulting options. 

Founder and CEO, Shelley Row, PE, CSP, stated, “As part of our focus for business development, our leadership team and I believe it was appropriate to rebrand the company to more specifically reflect everything we teach.” She continued, “In some traditions, land represents the power of thought and intellect while water represents the equally powerful domain of intuition and feeling. Blue Fjord leaders embody the skilled integration and application of both forces.” 

Row explains that she wanted land and water to be symbols of the new brand and her mind kept returning to the Blue Fjords region of Norway, one of her favorite places in the world. “The imagery of the fjords is where my mind kept returning, so the name ‘Blue Fjord Leaders’ seemed apropos.”

For more information about the name change and to learn more about Blue Fjord Leaders, please visit:

About Blue Fjord Leaders 

Blue Fjord Leaders is a training and consulting agency for technical professionals who are either already working in, or in hopes of landing jobs in leadership. Blue Fjord Leaders creates impactful and insightful leaders who see the data and see beyond the data.

Founded by Shelley Row, PE, CSP, in 2014, Blue Fjord Leaders is known for leadership development programs that are applicable to the unique roles of technical and engineering professionals in both the public and private sectors.  Row is a recognized expert in transportation programs, management, and ITS. She is widely known within the engineering community for her leadership, vision and organizational skills as well as for her interpersonal communication and public speaking skills. 

For more information regarding this announcement, please contact Blue Fjord Leaders

Shelley Row, Founder, CEO 443.994.3600 or email .

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