Want to request employer assistance with professional development costs? 

Use this template:

Dear _______,

As we consider the future of (insert organization name), we need skilled managers to grow our organization and staff. I want to be part of that future. 

Specifically, I ask for your support to enroll in the 60-Day Blue Fjord Leadership Challenge. I think this Leadership Challenge will assist me to better understand ____(name a barrier to your dept or organization)__________and find solutions to _____(name a problem facing your organization)_______________. 

This 60-day Challenge packs in training on vital management skills in a short time period. Plus, most of the sessions are on-demand which allows me to balance training with work deadlines. The cost is $299 which includes: 

·       Free introductory webinar (available to anyone),

·       Eight on-demand sessions delivered weekly,

·       Three live webinars to discuss applications of the weekly lessons,

·       Business DNA self-assessment tool,

·       Private LinkedIn group for networking and discussion,

·       Email access to Shelley Row, and

·       Periodic reminders to ensure that new skills are used immediately.

Based on the comprehensive Blue Fjord Leadership System, the 60-Day Blue Fjord Leadership Challenge is designed to provide professional development on sought-after management skills. The curriculum is attached. Developed by Shelley Row, a professional engineer, former executive, and certified speaking professional, the Challenge is designed to create practical skills that stick by using neuroscientific principles of learning. 

Would you be willing to support my professional growth by paying for the $299 registration or reimbursing the cost? If you think others would benefit, the price is reduced to $199 for ten or more registrations. I commit to putting in the time and energy to learn and apply these skills to my job responsibilities. 

With your support, I can grow my management skills and, in turn, better support our organization.  

Thank you for considering this request. 


(Your name)